Top 7 ways to fix corrupted files in windows 10 easily

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So, you were doing something in Windows 10, that task was very important to you, you are almost about to complete the task and BOOM!

You saw an error regarding your Windows files being corrupted.

Almost every Windows user encounters these corrupted file errors in their Windows 10 system.

And still, most people don't know how to fix it.

But hey, don't worry about it. I am here to help you.

I'll show you how to fix corrupted files in Windows 10 easily.

I'll show you seven ways to fix it and most of these methods are very obvious and just one-click fixes.

These are the methods that I was talking about.

Methods used to repair corrupted files in windows 10:

0. Disable Antivirus

1. Update windows

2. Fix registry errors

3. MRT Scan

4. Clean Your PC

5. SFC /Scannow

6. Scan C Drive

You may have already used some of these methods. 

But there are other methods too.

Let's see each and every method in short and in detail.

If you think any virus or harmful services are causing this issue then read this article:

How to fix corrupted files in Windows 10?

Following are the proven, working and 100% tested methods for windows 10 users.

0. Disable Antivirus

Most of your Windows 10 problems will be solved just by disabling antivirus.

Because anti-virus restricts or blocks the program services and what's worse is that antivirus doesn't inform you about that.

Read this: Disable Windows Defender

Not only does it restrict the program services but also it slows down your Windows system unnecessarily.  Games, software, and other apps are hanging or slowing down or not responding just because your antivirus is restricting their services and taking a lot of space and usage in your CPU.

It's good to have antivirus in your system but you don't have to keep running it in the background all the time.

Just disable it and you will see most of the problems will get fixed.

1. Update windows

Now, this method is a very obvious one because you just have to update it and you think that it's a waste of time.

No buddy, you are wrong!

Microsoft is constantly gathering all the error info from your system and sending it back to their database and their service centers.  Once the data is sent, you will see an update, maybe in the next month to fix this type of common Windows error.

Because Microsoft knows how to fix it. 

But somehow, if you are facing a problem with windows updates, then read this article.

Fix Windows 11 update errors

Have you ever seen a Windows quality rollup update? This is the main fixer.

I know Microsoft Windows says it's an optional update but you need to download it and install it because this is the update that will fix most of your problems.

Forget everything! Just update your Windows and most of the problems will be fixed.

2. Fix registry errors

To fix registry errors in the Windows system in one click, you need to download third-party software.

I use a wise registry cleaner. You can use any third-party software.

Download wise registry cleaner.

Just click on scan and it will fix all of your registry errors in one click.

Fix Registry Problems and Boost Your PC Performance.

The registry continues to grow when you use Windows, as well as things that are no longer working in the registry, which could eventually lead to performance crashes and system crashes.

Wise Registry Cleaner scans the Windows registry and detects errors and omissions in the registry and cleans or disassembles them.

By fixing these leftovers and corruptions in the Windows registry, your system will work faster and more stable.

3. MRT Scan

This is the official Microsoft malicious software removal tool for Windows systems.

Just go to the search box and type MRT, and open it.

If you don't see an MRT in your search box, you need to download it from here.

Download MRT (32-bit).

Download MRT (64-bit).

After clicking on next, you will see three options:

  1. Quick Scan

  2. Deep Scan

  3. Custom scan

If you are facing too many problems regarding these corrupted files in Windows 10, just select Deep Scan.

Otherwise, you can select a quick scan or custom scan.

Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool (MSRT) helps keep Windows computers free from prevalent malware.

MSRT finds and removes threats and reverses the changes made by these threats.

MSRT is generally released monthly as part of Windows Update or as a standalone tool available here for download.

4. Clean Your PC

You may already have done this step many times because you saw it on YouTube or somewhere else to clean or delete junk files from your system.

And that's 100% true. 

Sometimes temporary files or junk files in the C drive are causing this program error.

So just delete them.

Go to the search box and type Run.

In the run box, just type temp and %temp% separately, and click ok.

You will see a lot of files, just select all and delete them.

Again go to the search box and type disk cleanup and open it.

C drive will be selected automatically, just click ok and you will see options to select. Just select every option you see and click on the cleanup system files.

C Drive will be selected automatically and again select all the options you see and click on ok.

Disk cleanup will do its work, just wait until it gets finished.

5. SFC /Scannow

This method is very very very common to fix Windows errors or corrupted Windows files.

SFC means system file checker.

It's a built-in tool in every Windows system, so you don't have to worry about downloading it separately.

It will scan for C drive and other delicate areas of your Windows system to see if there are any corrupted or error-causing files and will try to fix them.

You just need to open Command Prompt with administrator rights and copy-paste the following commands.

sfc /scannow

Dism /online /cleanup-image /scanhealth

Dism /online /cleanup-image /restorehealth

Just copy-paste one command, wait until it gets finished, and again copy-paste another command.

The first command will scan through every important location on your PC and will try to fix the most common and minor errors.

If there are more errors and corrupted files, it will show you the message something like this:

"windows resource protection found corrupt files but was unable to fix some of them..."

Don't worry about it. It's just trying to say that windows has some errors and corrupted files in your PC and needs to fix them.

So we use the second and third commands to encounter this problem.

SFC scan will be quicker but the other two commands will take some time to execute properly without showing any errors to us. So just wait until it gets finished.

That's it. You will see that most of the problems will be fixed by using this SFC scan.

6. Scan C Drive

Scanning a C drive for system errors is really a good feature in Windows Systems.

Just right-click on local disk C on my computer or this PC.

This is the combo of hardware and software scanning and will show you the message about how many errors or corrupted files you had in your system along with fixation tips.

The new windows version may not be able to show the tips regarding fixing c drive errors, it was working fine in older versions.

Let's see how to Scan C drive easily with just one click method without any hectic or lengthy process.

1. Go to properties.

2. Select the tools option.

3. There you will see an error checking option just click on Check. 

Windows will start scanning the C drive for errors, as the name suggests error checking.

It will take some time depending upon how much your system is capable of and how many errors or corrupted files you have in your windows system.

Not to mention that every scanning process take some time to gather information from all the important and delicate locations in your PC.

Alternate Method to Scan C drive:

You can use cmd as well.

Just open cmd with administrative rights.

Then type this command and hit enter:

chkdsk c: /r

This will scan all the bad sectors in your drive and will recover any readable information thoroughly.

And, the main thing it will do is fix the errors found in the drives.

That's the same thing we saw earlier.

It is just an alternative method. Nothing special.


Windows users tend to do something new in their system every time they see something new on youtube like boosting your PC, optimizing the windows system for low-end PCs, or increasing your internet speed, or fixing any corrupted software.

Therefore, they don't know exactly what they are doing and ending up with some minor errors or issues with their windows system.

Above mentioned methods are the most successful and working methods for any windows user with easy-to-follow steps and they will surely fix corrupted files or any false registry entries in their system.

There are many more methods but these are the most commonly used and official from the Microsoft website.

I did research about them and personally used them, and I know it works almost 90% of the time. So, it will work for you too.

Just follow all these methods and you will fix the windows 10 corrupted files problem easily.

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