Fix your windows license will expire soon error in Windows 11/10

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Fix your windows license will expire soon

In this article I'll be showing you how to fix your windows license will expire soon in Windows 11.

This is how I faced this problem.

So as usual I wanted to record a video for my YouTube channel.

I started my PC and I opened my recording software.

And the moment I clicked on start record, it gave me the following error:

“Your windows license will expire soon you need to activate windows in settings”.

And I was like WTF.

My Windows was fully activated. 

I checked again and again and it was still showing this annoying error in my Windows 11 PC.

So I searched for how to remove your windows license will expire soon message.

And I found 7 working methods.

These are the common problems that most people faced:

  • Your windows license will expire soon but windows is activated
  • Your Windows license will expire soon Windows 11 in HP, Dell, ASUS laptop
  • Windows will expire soon keeps popping up while updating
  • Windows will expire soon windows 11

So I searched on Google, also on YouTube for how to fix windows license will expire soon in Windows 11 problem.

And I found 10 ways to fix your windows license will expire soon Windows 11 error.

So let's see how to fix it.

But before that let's see why this happened all of a sudden.


Why does this error occur?

Well, there is no specific reason because there are multiple reasons.

Windows license will expire soon doesn't mean that your license is going to expire.

It is just an error message popping up on the screen due to some technical or even system error.

Here are some reasons why does this error occur on Windows PC:

- you upgraded your PC from an older version to the new version

- you have completed one year of your newly installed Windows system

- you have installed corrupted windows

- you have some system errors

- false windows activation

- corrupted windows updates

- your windows trial period is over

- your license key is corrupted

- windows is activated but something unusual is happening

- unknown error

As I said earlier, this is not one type of error so there is not a specific solution to apply.

You need to perform several actions or methods in order to fix this windows license will expire soon error.

It's like a trial and error method.

If you think any virus or harmful services are causing this issue then read this article:

So let's see how can we fix this error in Windows 11.

Methods to fix your windows license will expire soon error:

Video Tutorial:

Your windows license will expire soon error in windows 10

1. SFC scan

We are going to fix system errors first so that we can proceed to the next advanced methods.

You need to use an SFC scan to fix system errors in Windows 11 PC.

Open the windows search box and type CMD.

Right-click on the CMD and run as administrator.

Now type the following command:

SFC /scannow

The above command is known as a system file checker.

This is the built-in tool to fix the system errors in Windows PC.

You just have to wait until it scans and fixes the problems from your system automatically.

2. Troubleshoot activation

You can use a troubleshooter to fix windows activation problems.

It will auto-detect the error causing services and all those things and will try to fix it automatically.

You don't have to do anything specifically.

To use the troubleshooter, select Start > Settings > Update & Security > Activation , and then select Troubleshoot.

If you have any problems with windows activation you can check the article written by Microsoft itself, click here.

3. Reset activation timers

We are going to reset the activation timer so that windows will forget about this error message.

In short, we are going to give anesthesia to windows 11.

But before that, we need to first make sure that our windows explorer is running as an administrator.

Rather we are going to directly run the explorer as an administrator right away.

Here are all the steps you need to follow to fix system errors:

1. Open task manager

2. Search for Windows explorer

3. Right-click on windows explorer and click on the end task

(Don't worry about it, we are restarting our pc without restarting our pc)

4. Now click on the file option situated at the top-left corner of the task manager window.

5. Now select run new task

6. Now type explorer.exe

7. Make sure you tick the option that says "create this task with administrative privileges".(This is important)

8. Now click on OK.

9. Now open a search box and type CMD

10. Right-click on the CMD and click on run as administrator

11. Now type this command exactly: slmgr -rearm

12. Now you need to restart your PC and your problem will be fixed if everything goes right.

You can use this slmgr -rearm command every time you see this error.

And it will work every time you apply it.

Most people reported on forums and other sites that this works like always.

So try it and see if it fixes your windows license will expire soon in Windows 11.

4. Using Group Policy Editor

You can do pretty much everything from group policy editor to your system configurations. 

I'm not gonna go deeper into this.

If you want to read about group policy editor, then read it from Microsoft itself, just click here.

Let's see the steps to fix our problem.

But before that, make sure your PC has a group policy editor.

If you don't have a group policy editor then you can watch tutorials on youtube. 

Now the steps:

1. Open search box and type gpedit

2. Click on computer configurations

3. Then go to the following path

Administrative templates > Windows components > Windows Update

4. Now find this option:

No auto-restart with logged-on users for scheduled automatic updates installations.

5. Double click on the above option and select enabled.

6. Now click on Apply and then OK

7. Restart your PC

8. Done

I found this solution on the Microsoft forum so give it a try.

It might fix windows license will expire soon error.

5. From Services 

We can't disable the windows activation service from the services tab.

I was searching on Microsoft forums and many people said that it worked for them so I included this method too.

1. Open the search box and type services and open that.

2. Now search for this service: windows license manager service

3. Double click on the above service and open it

4. And make the startup type disable

5. Now click on apply and then OK

6. Restart your PC

7. Done

As the name suggests it will disable the windows licenses manager service so it won't give you a windows license that will expire soon error.

6. KMSAuto Tool

If the above methods are not working at all for you then you can use this tool to activate your Windows operating system.

Yes, you heard me right we can activate our Windows using this KMS auto tool.

If you have a genuine license key then just deactivate and again activate your windows PC.

Read method 9 to reactivate windows 10/11.

But those who are using a free version of Windows, can use this tool easily.

And it's a lifetime activation. (I'm just saying it)

If you are facing a windows activation watermark problem then you can use this tool to fix it.

Now watch this video to use the KMS auto tool.

Watch the video carefully so you won't miss anything.

7. Windows Script Host

"Windows Script Host provides an environment in which users can execute scripts in a variety of languages that use a variety of object models to perform tasks."-Microsoft

If you want to read more, click here.

Here also we are going to activate Windows but using Windows script host.

You need to create batch files to use the windows script.

But don't worry I have already created it for you.

You just need to download it and use it.

You just need to right-click on the file and run as administrator.

Now you have to just wait until it finishes the scripting and activates your windows.

You will see the successful message at the end of the process.

And I think, this will work for sure because you're reactivating windows PC.

So it may fix Your windows license will expire soon Windows 11 problem.

8. Adding Registry Key using CMD

We are going to add a registry key using CMD so that you don't have to go through a lengthy process.

I could have shown you using registry editor but it will take more steps than this method.

This method uses only one command to complete.

You just need to enter the specific command in the CMD.

But before that make sure you take backup of your registry.

Now the steps

1. Open the search box and type CMD

2. Right-click on CMD and run as administrator

3. Now copy-paste this command in the cmd and hit enter:

reg add “HKLM\Software\Policies\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Software Protection Platform” /v NoGenTicket /tREG_DWORD /d 1 /f

4. Now restart your PC to take effects

5. Done

Now restart your PC and see if it is working or not.

Then move on to the next step.

9. Re-activate windows

As I said earlier if you have a genuine license key for your Windows then you can just try reactivating it.

You first need to deactivate the product key and then activate it again.

Now to do this, you need to run CMD as an administrator.

Now type the following command and hit enter:

wmic path softwarelicensingservice get OA3xOriginalProductKey

You will see your product key after entering this command.

Just save it somewhere like in the notepad or any text file.

Now go to the windows activation tab.

Select Start > Settings > Update & Security > Activation

Now here click on the change product key and enter that product key from the CMD.

That's it now you have just reactivated your Windows PC.

10. Reset your PC

If you are here that means you haven't been able to solve the error yet.

This is the last option you can perform to fix Your windows license will expire soon Windows 11 error.

Resetting your PC will set all the services, programs, and all registry keys to their default values.

So it may also reset the windows activation process.

Remember that you are boot drive data will be deleted.

And by default C drive is the boot drive for the Windows system.

So if you want to save your files from deleting just copy them and paste them into the other drives like local disk D, E, F, G, etc.

So your personal files won't be deleted while resetting your PC.

If you are facing any problems while resetting your PC or getting errors something like this: Could not find the recovery environment, then read this article to know how to fix Windows could not find the recovery environment with step by step guide.

Final Tip: Contact a PC expert

If you're still facing this issue even after applying all the above methods then your PC has some serious issues.

Just contact the PC expert and he/she will handle it.

And PC expert most probably going to wipe all of your data from the Windows 11 system.

Yes, that means your PC will be formatted most probably.

Just ask them all of your queries.


You can easily fix the windows license will expire soon error in windows 11 using the first 5-6 methods.

Or the best one that worked for me was using the KMS auto tool or I would say reactivating the windows worked for me.

So just try each and every method step by step without missing anything.

And hopefully, you will be able to remove your windows license will expire soon Windows 11 message from your PC.

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