How to remove activate windows 11 watermark permanently?

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As the title suggests, in this post, I'm going to show you how to remove activate Windows 11 watermark permanently.

It actually doesn't restrict anything while using the Windows system but it's annoying, isn't it?

And if you are a YouTuber or maybe recording something on your PC screen, it will capture that "Activate windows Go to settings to activate windows" watermark in your recordings.

And it doesn't look good, does it?

I'm a small YouTuber and I record tutorials for my channel always.

One day I was recording as usual but saw that Windows 11 watermark.

People said that Activate Windows watermark keeps coming back even after following the youtube tricks.

So I gathered all the working methods together in this post.

You can call this post a Windows 11 watermark remover.

Because I searched on youtube and on websites too for the solutions.

And you know what, I fixed it in an instant like in two minutes I guess.

I thought if I am getting this watermark issue then other people should have also faced this problem.

And hence I decided to make a video about it and write a blog post too.

That's why this blog post will show you how to get rid of activate windows watermark permanently.

Let's see in detail.

What is this "Activate Windows" watermark?

Have you ever used any other paid software that has a free version?

Yes, you can use that software for free but when you use it, it gives you a watermark.

For example: video/image/pdf editing software

This is the same thing that is happening in Windows 11.

Microsoft decided to put a watermark on free versions of Windows or you can say pirated copies of original windows.

It won't affect your windows experience at all.

But it will keep that Windows 11 activation watermark forever.

And as I said earlier if you are recording anything or sharing your computer screen with anyone then they will judge you, won't they?

And even if you are not recording or sharing your PC screen, it's annoying to see that message there all the time, right?

That's why you need to remove Windows 11 activation watermark.

And don't worry, I will show you the easy methods.

You just need to follow all the steps correctly.

Don't skip any step otherwise, you will not be able to remove Windows 11 watermark permanently for free.

OK, enough talking, let's see the actual methods.


How to remove the "Activate Windows" watermark permanently?

If you're facing an evaluation copy watermark on windows 11 PC then also these methods may work for you.

1. Genuine Product key

Isn't it the obvious solution?

To remove activate windows watermark genuinely, you need to purchase a genuine product key to activate Windows 11.

You can get Windows 11 product keys online even on Amazon or other shopping sites.

If you want, you can watch YouTube videos for reference purposes.

It's actually very easy.

You just need to purchase that license key and then you will get the actual product key and then you have to enter it in the settings to activate the windows system.

2. Ease of Access center

There is one option called remove background images in the control panel in the ease of access menu.

You just need to tick that option and you're done.

It's really that simple.

This is the easiest method you can perform to remove Windows 11 watermark.

Let's try it.

1. Open control panel

2. Now in the search bar, type ease of access center

3. Open that Ease of access center

4. Go to the "make the computer easier to see" option

5. Search for remove background images (where available)

6. Select that option and click on OK

7. Restart your PC

After restarting, you will see that your Windows 11 watermark has gone.

This method may or may not work depending on the latest windows update packages.

To be honest, this method didn't work for me because method 3 did work for my PC.

But hey, don't skip this method.

It didn't work for me, but it might work for you. 

Why don't you give it a shot?

3. Registry Editor (Tweak 1)

Any method with the registry editor always works, at least for my PC.

And here also registry editor helped me to remove activate Windows watermark.

But don't do anything recklessly just for the sake of a solution.

If you don't know anything about the registry then don't do it on yourself.

Registry editor is actually critical and it may cause you other errors instead of solving them on your own.

I'm sort of a PC expert so I know what to do and how to do it so you can trust me.

Don't worry I'm not going to hurt your PC in any condition I'll just show you this simple registry tweak that helped me to fix Windows 11 watermark permanently.

Just follow the exact steps as shown below:

1. Go to your search box and type registry editor or open the run box and type Regedit.

2. Now go to the following path:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER > Control Panel > Desktop

3. Click on the desktop folder and on the right side you will see all the registry entries from that folder.

4. Now you need to find PaintDesktopVersion and double click to open it.

5. Change the value to 0 and make sure you select Hexadecimal base.

6. Now click on OK close the registry editor and restart your PC.

This method actually worked for me so it might definitely work for you.

If not then proceed to the next method.

4. Registry Editor (Tweak 2)

This is another registry editor tweak that is also working fine.

Let's directly go through the steps.

1. I expect you have already opened registry editor

2. Go to the following path:


3. Click on svsvc folder

4. On the right side you will see all the registry entries from that folder

5. Find this 'Start' entry and double click to open it

6. Now change the value data to 4 and base to hexadecimal.

7. Click OK, close your registry editor and restart your PC.

This will definitely work because we are actually hiding that watermark from the desktop.

I don't think so you need to go to the next method because it will work like 90% of the time.

But if somehow it didn't work for you go to the next methods.

5. Test Mode

The test mode indicates that the test signing mode of the operating system is started on the computer. 

The test signing mode may start if an installed program is in a test phase because it uses drivers that are not digitally signed by Microsoft. 

Microsoft added test mode to Windows so that users can test programs without having to provide an authentication certificate.

If your Windows 11 is in the test mode accidentally then it will cause this watermark issue.

If this is the main cause then you can remove Windows 11 watermark using this method with only two steps.

You can disable it using this cmd command: bcdedit -set TESTSIGNING OFF 

1. Run CMD as an administrator

2. Type that CMD command and hit enter

See it's just a two-step process.

Now just restart your PC and see if it is working or not.

If not then go to the next method.

6. Watermark Removal Tool

As the name suggests, it is a watermark removal tool and it's a free tool so don't worry about any payment process.

I don't know who made this but I found it on the Internet.

I'm not going to say in detail because you can read this method 6 in detail here

click on that link and you will open the new web page that will explain how to use the watermark removal tool to remove windows watermark for free.

7. Windows Script Host

Windows Script Host is a script that is used to activate windows and MS office products using KMS servers.

KMS means the key management system that is used to activate the Microsoft products.

I already made this script for you so that you can use it with one click.


You just need to download the script file from the above link. 

Right-click on that file and run as administrator.

Now it will automatically start the process and connect to the KMS servers.

You just need to wait till you see the successful message.

This is actually windows activation using script.

After completing this step you need to restart your PC in order to complete the process.

It will definitely fix your Windows 11 watermark problem.

8. KMSAuto tool

Method 8 is also used to activate the windows system.

And hence as I said earlier it will solve your watermark problem.

Let's see.


You can watch videos on youtube to know how to use the KMS auto tool.

But before using this KMS auto you need to disable your antivirus.

Because it will interrupt the activation process and perhaps tell you that it's a virus.

No, it's not a virus but antivirus will tell you that it's a virus just because you are activating your Windows 11 using the software.

You just need to open this tool and click on activation and then you will see two options windows and office.

Windows option is used to activate windows system and office is used to activate Ms office.

Just click on the windows option and it will start the activation process automatically.

You just need to wait till you see the successful message.

After that just restart your PC and see if your Windows 11 watermark has gone or not.

And I'm sure this will work 100%.

That's it.

These are the eight methods to remove Windows 11 watermark permanently.

Will you face this issue in the future?

Only if you reset your PC.

Yes if you decided to reset your PC it might change all the registry entries to the default values.

Hence resulting in the deactivation of windows and it will show that activate windows watermark on the desktop.

If any third-party program has tampered with your windows activation then you might see this watermark in the future.

Otherwise, you won't face this issue in the future.

Just follow all these steps correctly and you will fix your problem definitely.


When windows fail to recognize the actual windows activation, it will give you this problem.

Microsoft did this in the Windows 11 system to avoid piracy.

It won't cause any restrictions are limitations on your normal windows usage.

You can still use all the programs and services, play games movies listen to music, and do whatever you want.

The only limitation is that you will be restricted to do something with this system process and services.

In fact, you can use your Windows system with that watermark without any interruptions forever.

But it doesn't look good on the desktop, does it?

That's why you can follow all the above methods to remove activate windows watermark in windows 11 permanently.

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