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windows 10 iso download

In this post, I'll show you how to download windows 10 iso file using google drive link.

Many people want to download windows 10 iso file for different purposes like to create a bootable drive, to use it in virtual machine or to install directly into their computer.

Many people know how to download windows 10 iso file from Microsoft website using their tool.

But still there are some people who want to download windows 10 iso file directly into their computer without Microsoft tool.

So in this post, I'll give you windows 10 iso file download google drive link. 

Yes, within just one click, you can download windows 10 iso file using google drive link because it downloads much faster than Microsoft tool as we all know.

1. From the Microsoft website

Here you need to use a media creation tool that will help us to download the official windows 10 iso file for free.

With this tool, you can do three main things:

1. Upgrade your PC to Windows 10 for free

2. Create an installation media (bootable drive)

3. Download Windows 10 iso

Here is the download link:

Download Windows 10

Download this tool and then you just need to run it.

It will guide you to download the iso file. It's very easy.

You can watch any video on YouTube to know how to use the media creation tool to download the windows 10 iso file.

That's it.

The avg file size for windows 10 setup is around 5GB.

You can calculate how much time will it take to download by using this free download time calculator tool. Enter your download/ internet speed and the file size and you will see the results.

You just need to wait till your download completes and then you can use that iso file easily.

Either you can burn that ISO file or extract it using WinRAR.

How easy it is to download the windows 10 iso file latest version for free, isn't it?

You can use the media creation tool to download the Windows 10 iso file with the latest windows updates directly installed into the file and set up.


If you don't have fast internet but still want to download faster and directly with a single click then see the next two methods.

2. From Google Drive (Direct Download) 

Yes, you can use this windows 10 iso google drive link.

I spent almost 4 Hrs. downloading and uploading these latest windows 10 iso files from the Microsoft website just for you.

These are the stable versions so you can install it directly without worrying about anything.

Download links:

Download Windows 10 iso (64-bit)

Download Windows 10 iso (32-bit)

Now, you need to just go to these links according to your pc architecture and download windows 10 iso file from google drive link.

After downloading, you can install it by following these methods.

Methods to install windows 10

1. Direct install using windows setup

You can use winrar software to extract iso files.

Right click on the windows 10 iso file and then extract it.

After that, you will see windows setup in the extracted folder.

You can install it directly like a normal software installation.

But keep in mind that it will remove all the data from your boot drive because it wll install new windows os into your boot drive.

2. Using a bootable media

This is not as easy as the above mentioned method but this is much more useful.

You create it once and use it again and again in the future if you want.

Yes, I already gave you windows 10 iso file download google drive link. You can save it if you want.

Bootable media, also known as a bootable device or a boot disk, is a storage device that contains an operating system or software that can be used to start up a computer.

And this bootable media is useful in many ways.

  1. Disaster recovery: Bootable media can be used to recover a system in the event of a catastrophic failure. This is because the bootable media contains a backup copy of the operating system that can be used to restore the system to a functional state.

  2. Troubleshooting: Bootable media can be used to troubleshoot a variety of computer problems. For example, if a computer won't start up, a bootable device can be used to diagnose and repair the problem.

  3. Security: Bootable media can be used to test and secure a system. For example, a bootable antivirus software can scan a computer for viruses and other malware that may have infected the system.

  4. Installation: Bootable media can be used to install a new operating system or software on a computer. This is particularly useful for systems that do not have an existing operating system or that need to be upgraded.

  5. Portability: Bootable media is typically small and portable, making it easy to transport and use on multiple computers.

Overall, bootable media provides a convenient and flexible way to manage and troubleshoot computer systems.

Here are the steps to install Windows 10 on your computer:

  1. Backup your important files and data. Installing Windows 10 will erase everything on your computer's hard drive, so it's important to backup your files before proceeding.

  2. Insert the Windows 10 installation media (DVD or USB flash drive) into your computer.

  3. Restart your computer and enter the BIOS settings. You can usually do this by pressing a specific key (such as F2, F10, or Delete) as soon as the computer starts up. In the BIOS settings, set your computer to boot from the installation media (DVD or USB) first.

  4. Save the changes and exit the BIOS settings. Your computer will then restart and boot from the installation media.

  5. Follow the prompts to install Windows 10. The installation process will guide you through a series of screens where you will be prompted to select your language, time and currency format, and keyboard settings.

  6. Enter your product key when prompted. You will need a valid product key to activate your copy of Windows 10 after installation.

  7. Choose the installation type you want. You can choose to upgrade your current version of Windows, or perform a clean install (which will erase everything on your hard drive).

  8. Follow the prompts to complete the installation. Windows 10 will begin installing, and may take several minutes to complete. Once the installation is finished, you will be prompted to create a user account and set up your preferences.

  9. After the installation is complete, you should download and install the latest updates and drivers for your computer. This will ensure that your computer is running smoothly and securely.

That's it! You should now have Windows 10 installed on your computer.

If you've successfully downloaded and installed windows 10 using the above steps then share it with your friends if they want to do it too.

As I already said, you can save windows 10 iso google drive link for the future use so that you only need to use that link to download windows 10 iso file.

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