Download Windows 10 ISO (32/64 bit) Google Drive Link

Debug Guide

1. From the Microsoft website

Here you need to use a media creation tool that will help us to download the official windows 10 iso file for free.

With this tool, you can do three main things:

1. Upgrade your PC to Windows 10 for free

2. Create an installation media (bootable drive)

3. Download Windows 10 iso

Here is the tool download link:

Media Creation Tool

Download this tool and then you just need to run it.

It will guide you to download the iso file. It's very easy.

You can watch any video on youtube to know how to use the media creation tool to download the windows 10 iso file.

That's it.

The avg file size for windows 10 setup is around 5GB.

You can calculate how much time will it take to download by using this free download time calculator tool. Enter your download/ internet speed and the file size and you will see the results.

You just need to wait till your download completes and then you can use that iso file easily.

Either you can burn that ISO file or extract it using WinRAR.

How easy it is to download the windows 10 iso file latest version for free, isn't it?

You can use the media creation tool to download the Windows 10 iso file with the latest windows updates directly installed into the file and set up.


If you don't have fast internet but still want to download faster and directly with a single click then see the next two methods.

2. From Google Drive (Direct Download) 

Yes, you can use this windows 10 iso file direct download link.

I spent almost 2.3Hrs downloading and uploading these latest windows 10 iso files from the Microsoft website just for you.

These are the latest versions so don't worry about the older or unstable versions.

Download links:

Download Windows 10 iso (64-bit)

Download Windows 10 iso (32-bit)

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