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Evaluation copy watermark windows 11

In this post, I'm going to show you how to remove evaluation copy watermark on windows 11 insider preview.๐Ÿค”๐Ÿ˜

I upgraded to windows 11 on my PC and it actually worked fine for near about a week.

I installed the latest Windows 11 feature and security updates just like a normal windows update.

Then I restarted my PC to complete those updates.

And boom!๐Ÿคฆ‍♂️

I saw the windows 11 evaluation copy watermark at the bottom right corner.

It was similar to the windows 10 watermark.

Now that just annoyed me so much because I hate this kind of irritating and unwanted or you can say unprofessional things appearing on my PC.

So I was looking for a solution to remove windows 11 evaluation watermark.

I searched for many similar queries online just like these following terms:

-remove windows 11 evaluation watermark 

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and many similar terms people search for different solutions to know how to remove evaluation copy watermark from windows 11.

Because I really don't trust or rely on a single fix or method that just shows restart your PC๐Ÿ˜‚.

Anyway, you can trust this post because here I'm going to show you step by step tutorial on how to remove evaluation copy watermark on windows 11 insider preview.

So let's start๐Ÿ˜Š.

What is this evaluation copy watermark on windows 11?๐Ÿค”

Windows 11 evaluation copy watermark shows windows build version, OS edition, and its variant.

If it's a beta version then also you might see this watermark.

It's really not listed or mentioned on the Microsoft site about this specific issue for a specific reason.

If you're seeing this watermark: Activate windows. Go to settings to activate windows then it's an activation error.

Isn't it obvious?

You're seeing this because your windows 11 is not genuine or something wrong happened with your OS that leads to this evaluation copy watermark on windows 11 PC.

To stop piracy and duplicate windows, Microsoft put these kinds of watermarks and activation popups from time to time.

And as you already know, Windows 11 is still a new OS and it has to be protected, I mean privacy protection.

Product activation is the user and product authentication service that tells that the product or the program that you're using is a genuine one and registered with the company policy and the user agreement too.

And Microsoft uses a KMS-key management system to follow this procedure.

If you have activated windows 11 then you won't see this and don't have to search for how to remove the windows 11 watermark.

If you have a genuine windows license key and still you're facing this issue then something is wrong either with the Microsft itself or your OS.

You really don't have to worry about anything related to the windows activation. You can use windows for free as you already know, haha.

Anyway, we aren't talking about any other issue than activation. Because it is an activation error message.

So just follow this article to remove evaluation copy watermark in windows 11.

How to remove evaluation copy watermark in windows 11?

Video Tutorial to remove windows 11 evaluation copy watermark:

There are 5 methods I found online while I was searching for how to remove evaluation copy watermark on windows 11 insider preview.

You can use any of them and fix your windows 11 watermark problem.

These are the methods that will help you to remove evaluation copy watermark on windows 11 PC:

  • Windows License Key
  • Windows Tricks
  • Registry Editor
  • UWD
  • KMS
  • Script

Let's see each and every method in detail with a step-by-step guide.

Don't worry! You can easily fix this windows 11 watermark issue.

So let's start.

1. Wait for the final stable update

It's just a simple watermark that shows an evaluation copy of the windows 11 insider preview build.

In simple terms, it's still in a beta version or you can say a testing version.

So, just wait for a few days and you will get a new windows update.

You will get the final build or the stable release of Windows 11.

And once you update your windows, it may remove that windows 11 watermark.

2. Windows Trick: Ease of access settings

Do you know you can trick windows to remove this evaluation copy watermark in windows 11 so that it will remove it by some chance?

I didn't know either at the very first time of windows 11.

But after reading on Reddit, Quora, and some other forums, I gathered some of the windows tricks or tweaks that may or may not help you to remove the watermark from Windows 11 insider preview build.

This is not a guaranteed solution but it worked for windows 10 watermark so it might work for windows 11 as well, just a hunch.


1. Open control panel

2. Set "view by" to large icons

3. Go to the Ease of access center

4. Click on Make the computer easier to use

5. Scroll download and select this option: Remove background images (where available)

6. Restart your PC

That's it.

This is the windows setting trick I found on forums to remove windows 11 evaluation copy watermark.

If this doesn't work for you then move to the next methods.

We have other methods as well๐Ÿ˜….

3. Registry Editor

This is another brilliant method to trick windows to remove windows 11 watemark.

But do the exact steps that I'm going to show you otherwise you might do something with the registry editor.

Here are the steps to remove the windows 11 watermark using the registry:

1. Open Windows search box and type Regedit

2. Now go to this location: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop

3. Here on the right side you will see a lot of values, keys, and entries. Find the PaintDesktopVersion

4. Double click on that name to open it.

5. Now change the value to 4 and click OK.

6. Restart Your PC

That's it.

It will trick windows desktop due to modified value in the regedit.

Registry editor is actually windows body.

You can practically do anything in this regedit if you know what you're doing.

Again, don't be stupid and modify any random values just because you think you're the reincarnation of Einstein๐Ÿ˜’.

I won't be responsible if you do anything bad. You are the blame here.

But don't worry about anything if you're following my steps correctly.

You will fix your problem so just do as I said.

4. Universal Watermark Disabler

The name says everything, right?

This is a small tool that will help you to disable windows 11 watermark.

It's just a one-click method and it will remove evaluation copy watermark on windows 11 in an instant.

This will open a new tab from where you can download Universal Watermark Disabler for windows 11.

Just download Universal Watermark Disabler and follow these steps that will help you to remove evaluation copy watermark on windows 11 PC.

Steps :

1. First disable your antivirus (It may block the further steps)
2. Download UWD
3. Open the file and Run it
4. Click on the install button
5. Now sign out from the windows
6. Restart your PC and sign in again
7. Go back to the UWD
8. Click on uninstall
9. Restart YOUR PC
10. Done!

This is the most effective way to remove windows 11 watermark users reported on online forums and youtube too.

So try it.

5. Notepad trick

Yes, you read it correctly๐Ÿ˜‚.

It's funny how this simple notepad is going to remove the windows 11 watermark.

No, no, you don't have to write any essay in that notepad.

We'll create a batch file that will execute a script using some commands.

Sounds complicated๐Ÿค”?

But no, it's too easy.

Let's see the steps directly.


1. Open notepad

2. Now copy-paste these commands:

@echo off
taskkill /F /IM explorer.exe

3. Go to the File option and click on save as

4. Name anything you want along with the .bat extension and set save as type to all files.

For example, windows 11 watermark remover.bat

5. Save this file on the Desktop

6. Go to the desktop, right-click on that batch file and run as administrator

7. Now restart your PC

That's it.

Many users reported on Reddit that this is the easiest method to remove windows 11 watermark.

So I guess, it's still working because Microsoft didn't yet notice it, ๐Ÿ˜‚

6. Windows License Key

This is a straightforward solution if you're facing this issue due to unlicensed windows.

Pirated or patched windows versions might work for some time but if Microsoft detects it, again you will see that windows 11 watermark issue.

As I said earlier, this evaluation copy watermark in windows 11 just shows the current windows build version and its variant.

But some users reported online that they are facing it due to unlicensed windows.

After, activating the windows, that annoying windows 11 watermark was removed permanently.

It concludes that if you have a windows license key or your windows is certainly activated by anyhow, it should remove this evaluation copy watermark from Windows 11 PC.

So it's better to purchase a license key to activate windows 11 genuinely.

7. KMS

KMS tool is an activation program designed to activate windows PC.

You can download the KMS tool for windows 11 online by simply searching in the google search.

You can also watch on youtube for how to download and use the KMS tool.

8. Script

Remember the batch file we made earlier?

This time you need to make for an activation script.

Now you can make it yourself, right?

Here is the batch file code:

After creating the batch file, you need to run it as admin.

All the commands will be executed in the CMD.

You don't have to do anything special.

You can follow onscreen instructions and at the end, you will a successful message.

And then restart your PC.

It will activate your windows and also remove evaluation copy watermark from Windows 11.

What is the best method to remove windows 11 evaluation copy watermark?

Well, all of these methods are closely related in order to remove evaluation copy watermark in windows PC.

Still, if you want the best possible working method then go for Method 3 and 4.

Both are the best methods to remove evaluation copy watermark in windows 11 PC.

UWD is a tool so it will work for sure, at least till Microsoft doesn't block its process.

Others are just well-known tricks that may or may not work depending upon the current situation of your PC.

So that's why I suggest you try each and every method.

First, follow the method till the end and restart your  PC and see if the problem is solved.

If that worked then good, if not, move to the next method.

As simple as that.

Will you face this issue again?๐Ÿ™„

I really don't know.๐Ÿ™„

Microsoft never said anything about this evaluation copy watermark on windows 11 PC insider build.

But they said if you're seeing this message that it means the version that you're using is still in a beta state.

So it will be fixed and removed automatically once you install the final stable version.

You will get windows 11 updates for the final build.

So don't worry about it.

But still, if you want to fix it right now then you can follow the above methods to remove evaluation copy watermark in windows 11.

Why Microsoft is forcing this evaluation copy watermark on Windows 11 PCs?

I already said that this is a beta version. 

They are testing the new Windows 11 build.

Microsoft is gathering bugs and crash reports from all over the world from different versions of Windows 11.

So that they can fix those errors in the next update.

And to know which version is causing the issue, they are putting this windows 11 evaluation copy watermark.

So, you really don't have to worry about it.

Is it safe to remove evaluation copy watermark on windows 11 insider preview?

Yes, it is totally safe and good.

You can remove evaluation copy watermark from windows 11 insider preview build at any time without any worries.

It's not like Microsoft is gonna ban you from using a windows PC.

So don't worry about it.


Well, if you want the final conclusion then here it is.

You can use any solution from the above methods to remove evaluation copy watermark from Windows 11 PC.

And don't worry about Microsoft. They won't penalize you for using these methods๐Ÿ˜….

It's totally safe.

So do it without any worries.๐Ÿ˜Š

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