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How to remove m=1 from url in blogger? (Very Important)

Many people use blogger to create their website or blog.

But they are very bothered or concerned about this parameter ?m=1 url in blogger.

I have good news and bad news for you.

You will know exactly whether you should care about this how to remove m=1 from url in blogger or not.

I had the same thought when I started blogging in blogger but later I realized something that you should know now.

But still many blogger people want to delete m=1 from blogger URL by somehow.

So, this is the article that shows how to remove ?m=1 from url in blogger.

How to remove m=1 from url in blogger?

How to remove m=1 from url in blogger

In Blogger, you cannot remove the "m=1" parameter directly from the URL as it is automatically added by Blogger's mobile template to point to the mobile version of your blog. 

However, you can set up a custom mobile template to control how your blog looks on mobile devices and potentially avoid the "m=1" parameter.

Here are the steps to set up a custom mobile template in Blogger:

1. Access Blogger Dashboard:

Log in to your Blogger account and go to the Blogger dashboard.

2. Go to Theme Settings:

Click "Themes" in the left sidebar, then click the "gear" icon (Settings) below your blog name.

3. Select Mobile Template:

In the “Mobile” section, you should see the option to “Choose a mobile template.” Click on it.

4. Select Custom Mobile Template:

You can choose to show the desktop template on mobile devices, which prevents the "m=1" parameter from appearing in the URL. To do this, select "No. Show desktop template on mobile devices."

5. Save Changes:

After selecting an option, click the "Save" button to save your changes.

Remember that displaying desktop templates on mobile devices may not be optimized for smaller screens, so you should make sure your desktop template is mobile-responsive and looks good on different devices.

After making this change, your blog's URLs on mobile devices should no longer include the "m=1" parameter.

However, if you want to further customize your mobile template, you'll have to work with your blog's theme's HTML/CSS, which will require some coding skills. 

If you need specific customizations beyond this, you may want to consider hiring a web developer or finding Blogger-specific tutorials online.

Alternatively, you can remove ?m=1 from url in blogger with some javascript code.

It will actually redirect your website thrice in order to show the main url and will hide m=1 from url in blogger.

Here are the steps to remove ?m=1 from blogger url:

1. Go to blogger dashboard.

2. Go to theme.

3. Under the theme option, open dropdown option and click on edit HTML.

4. Copy-paste the code given below in the Head tag.

5. Save the code.

Code to remove m=1 from url in blogger:

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After adding this code, check your website in mobile and see how it works.

You will see it will just redirect your website thrice and show your main canonical url.

We're not actually trying to remove m=1 from blogger url, we are just redirecting mobile version url to the main one.

If you actually try to remove ?m=1 from blogger then you will face a lot of errors in search console and some webpages might not even open due to 404 error.

Should you delete m=1 from blogger URL?

The straightforward answer is No. 

You should not remove m=1 from blogger URL as it is necessary to distinguish between desktop version and mobile version.

Blogger never said anything about removing that url parameter. So why bother trying to change the system and get rid of the url structure.

You will get a lot of errors if you decide to remove blogger m=1 from URL.

Mainly you will get 404 errors on all of your blogposts and pages.

This will lead to failure of your blogger website.

This will literally destroy your website.

Still not sure? Want proof of all the things I just said?

Read this official Google support thread about this how to remove m1 from url in blogger.

You will see the exact answers that google product experts gave in that thread.

So just don't remove m=1 from url in blogger.


You can remove m=1 from url in blogger but it is not good for your website.

It will just redirect your site multiple times and also hide the loaded url parameters from the webpage link.

Also, it will create index and crawl errors in search console.

So, it's better not to touch any blogger system unnecessarily.

Blogger is perfect in its own way.

You just have to write content, do SEO and google will rank your website.

That's all.